Casting that Fly 2 Advanced
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Casting that Fly 2 Advanced

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Casting that Fly 2 Advanced

Danish subtitles

Lars Chr. Bentsen is a certifed Master Casting Instructor with the International Federation of Fly Fishers and is recognized internationally for his ability to teach fly casting. This movie is about single hand fly casting.
In the movie he shows spey casting, 5 different presentation casts, how to cast and fish shooting heads, and casting in the wind.
We see how Lars adapts his shooting heads and how to make your own loops on shooting heads or fly lines.
Lars Chr. Bentsen also shows the most common casting faults and then shows exactly what causes the fault and how to correct it. This section is valuable to all fly fishers.

• The fly catching the leader or the line.
• The leader not straightening.
• You don’t get prober distance.

We have all tried it and in this chapter, Lars shows how to correct it the next time you see the problem.
A movie for both beginners and more experienced fly casters.

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Casting that Fly 2 Advanced


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