Cuttrroth Goby – Luxury Coastal Fly

Cuttrroth Goby – Luxury Coastal Fly

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Cuttrroth Kutling The Coastal Fly invented by Rasmus Ovesen

This is one of Go-Fishing's luxury coastal flies that are bound by the best materials throughout.
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Cuttrroth Goby The coastal fly for sea trout that love goats and so do all sea trout.

A large-scale coastal fly that works all year but especially from spring to the end of autumn, when fjords and coasts are often littered with full-fat cubes that the sea trout throws itself greedily over.

This goby coastal fly has long since appeared in many print and online media, where the fly is presented with super beautiful catches of sea trout while the catcher proudly talks about how effective the fly is.

It is not without reason that we at Go-Fishing have selected this coastal fly to be part of our range of Luxury Coastal Flies.


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Cuttrroth Goby – Luxury coastal fly for sea trout year-round

This is one of Go-Fishing's luxury coastal flies that are bound by the best materials throughout
Tied on Ahrex fly hooks or straight quality fly hooks that are super strong and sharp and behind the plug are several of Denmark's best fly binders that can make beautiful and durable coastal flies.
We place great demands on our Luxury Flies and not least who gets to tie them to us and not least to you.
Luxury coastal flies are not only bound by the best materials, but they are also coastal flies that are genetically tested by many skilled and tenacious fly fishermen who know what a good coastal fly should be able to perform and hold fish after fish.
So when we write luxury flies, then it's not magic flies they're just tied really well. The materials have not been compromised and they have been tested on many fish of


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