Eriksen's foam skater - hook model

Eriksen's foam skater - hook model

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Luxury Foam Fly on Hook

This is one of Go-Fishing's luxury coastal flies that are bound by the best materials throughout

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Foam flies on the coast can be super efficient and it's far more exciting than fishing with regular coastal flies. If you have seen the secrets of the latest sea trout, you have also seen Claus Eriksen fishing with foam flies on the surface.

The sight of a sea trout breaking the water and hauling the fly makes every coastal flyer bleed around the knees and the tension is interrupted by palpitations and shortness of breath.

When the sea trout hunt, it does not say no to a foam fly/ foam beetle being fished on the surface and it is both large and smaller fish that go hard to the flies on the surface.

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Luxury Foam Fly on Hook

In recent years, foam flies on the coast have gained more and more attention to Danish coastal fishermen. If you have seen The Secrets of sea trout 8, where Claus Eriksen fishes with foam flies in the surface, then you have also seen these foam flies in action.

You can read much more about coastal sea trout on foam flies on our blog: FOAM FLIES AND SEA TROUT

This is one of Go-Fishing's luxury coastal flies that are bound by the best materials throughout We place great demands on our Luxury Flies and not least who gets to tie them to us and not least to you. Our luxury flies are tied on Ahrex fly hooks or similar quality fly hooks that are super strong and sharp and behind the plug are several of Denmark's best fly binders that can make beautiful and durable coastal flies.

Luxury coastal flies are not only bound by the best materials, but they are also coastal flies that are thoroughly tested by many skilled and tenacious fly fishermen who know what a good coastal fly should be able to perform and hold fish after fish.

So when we write luxury flies, it's not magic flies. They're just tied up really well. The materials have not been compromised and they are tested on many fish by skilled anglers who both fish with bombarda – hangings and clean fly rod.


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