Hatchet Spring fly with CDC Feather

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Hatchet Spring fly with CDC Feather

This fly is a combination fly that mimics exactly the stage at which the spring fly rises to the surface during its hatching.

At that point, the spring fly hangs a little deep in the water as it unfolds its wings on the surface, and here the effect of the CDC feather parachute works.

The body is in yellow colors for better visibility just below the surface while the CDC remotely keeps it floating / hanging in the surface until the fish sucks it.

Can't you just fish with pure dry fly? NO – you can't if you want to catch the fish… ..

The fish are far too focused on eating only those insects that are hatching and they often reveal themselves on the water with small dents and sucking on the surface….

There are 164 different spring flies in Denmark

This spring fly is in size 12 – a really delicious hatched Spring fly with CDC Feather for the good fish

To learn more about the spring fly, read more here 


Hatchet Spring fly with CDC Feather

Hatching of Spring flies and May flies is a great time on the river ..


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Klækket Vårflue med CDC Fjer
Hatchet Spring fly with CDC Feather
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