Simms Superlight Sunshield Cap

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Simms Superlight Sunshield Cap

A real sun cap for the tropical places where the sun breaks down and where you need protection in the neck & #8230;

There is UPF 50 sun protection in the fabric ..

100% nylon Tactel®; Teflon® HT DWR
water-resistant finish;
Cape – 100% nylon Tactel®


UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor and indicates how much of the sun's UV radiation is absorbed. A fabric with a rating of 50 will allow only 1 / 50th of the sun's UV rays to pass through. This means the fabric will significantly reduce your skin's UV radiation exposure. All of our UPF finishes last the life of the garment, an industry standard of 30 washings.

1 review for Simms Superlight Sunshield Cap

  1. Peter Grandjean Gleerup -

    Fed cap,
    Very good when the sun burns hard in the summer at the northern Jutland streams. And it takes insects and the worst mosquitoes during the evening.
    Highly recommended.

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