FINISH TO SALMON & #8211; FC SPINNERE! END OF THE MONTH TO SALMON: FC SPINNERS! Lasse and Rasmus from the store both had free Tuesday last Tuesday & #8211; They have talked for a long time and made a trip to the Storåen to see if they could not reach and get a salmon home from the Storåen on the fall rope. Lasse […]


Salmon for Salmon & #8211; And a little about the man behind the fish

Salmon for Salmon & #8211; And a little about the man behind the fish A few days ago, Lasse, Mathias and Christian Boyum were on a salmon trip, which resulted in a couple of really fine fish. But unfortunately, Lasse lost his only contact with salmon, and thus today's chance for his first Danish salmon. And it's not because Lasse doesn't […]

Testing Scierra Chrome +

Test of Scierra Chrome + Late in the day Sunday, Lasse and Mathias from Go-Fishing Aarhus and Mathias & #8217; friend Christian against the West Jutland. The mission was clear, our newly purchased Scierra Chrome + rods were to be tested, and hopefully tense up with strong salmon. Shortly inside the fishery, the river already appeared from its best side & #8211; good […]

Skjern Å laks til Niklas fra Go-Fishing

Skjern Å laks til Niklas fra Go-Fishing Jeg har i mange år dyrket laksefiskeriet i Mörrum i det sydlige Sverige , men intet kan som en en dansk laks få mig til at ligge søvnløs. Laskefiskeriet i Danmark er nærmest eksploderet i form af enestående laksefangster i blandt andet Skjern Å. Det at fange en […]

Vancouver Island

Do It Yourself Vancouver Island

DIYVI Or in Danish: Do It Yourself Vancouver Island We left Billund on September 26, and after landing in Amsterdam and Calgary, we landed in Vancouver at. 16. We picked up the car from Hertz, where the agent had robbed us by ordering the smallest car you could get. A microcar for two […]

Lille å, stor Laks

Vi har fået en lille hilsen fra Anders som hjælper til i butikken hos Peter i Haderslev.. Lige en lille hilsen herfra. Jeg havde mine 3 piger med på en kort tur, nede ved Hoptrup å, i går eftermiddags Søndag d.12 oktober. Den mindste af pigerne lagde ud med at fange en gedde på 96 […]

C & R – Blanklaks i Skjern å

Jeg har de sidste 2 år været medlem af Lystfisker Foreningen 1926, dog uden at have gjort brug af fiskeretten… Det skyldes ikke lysten men simpelthen manglende tid p.g.a familie og job ( I skal ikke have ondt af mig ) jeg har jo selv valgt både job og familie. Men i søndags bød chancen […]

Hitch salmon in helicopter perspective

On this year's trip to Iceland, Midfjardara, Claus and Henrik developed an excellent collaboration – Henrik scouting on the rocks and Claus in the water, often with a hitch at the end of the vessel. It yielded several good fish and Henrik succeeded in filming the trip's largest salmon ladder and catching the fly, from his position on a rocky […]

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