Pike Secrets 2 Spin fishing

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Pike Secrets 2 Spin fishing

With subtitles in Danish, Swedish and German

In the series about Pike Secrets we go even further into the world of pike fishing. Gordon P. Henriksen takes on a series of fishing trips with experienced fishermen.
We go trolling for pike on a big Danish lake with Christian Møller, who explains how to find and catch pike on big lakes.
Frederic Jullian from France is a predator specialist and shows us how and why he fishes with swimbaits. We see exactly how the lures act underwater.
In Rügen, Northern Germany we are joinded by Robert Balkow a local guide and ekspert, who tells how to have success with softbaits for big pike.
Many nice pike are caught in this inspiring movie. It will make you want to get out there and experiment with techniques and catch more pike yourself.


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